Fresh Mangoes

fresh mangoes

Fresh Mangoes

Fresh Mangoes – Indian Export Company

Our fresh mangoes are luscious and have great flavor. We hand pick and pack the finest of the lot and ensure that there are no blemishes or decay in the fruit. We respect and follow the guidelines for Export of Mango Fruits to USA. We offer two varieties of mangoes –

Dasheri MangoDasheri Mangoes

Dasheri Mangoes are grown in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab. This mango is small-medium and is elongated in shape with yellow fruit colour. The flesh of this mango is fibreless and is mainly used for table purpose.

Alphonso Mango Alphonso Mango

The rich flavor of alphonso mangoes is savored all over the world. The mangoes supplied by us retain their extraordinary flavor due to the excellent picking and packaging techniques labelled by Agroally. We ensure that the fruits are delivered to our clients in their most perfect and fresh condition. These fruits are packed in cardboard boxes of 5 Kgs each.

Langda Mango

Langda mango is procured from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal and Punjab. This fruit is medium and ovate in shape with lettuce green colour. Their skin is very thin and pulp is very sweet. This mango is mostly used for table purpose.

Kesar Mango

These Kesar mangoes supplied by Agroally are hand picked at the optimum time when the freshness of the fruits can be retained till they are delivered to consumers. They are carefully packaged in boxes which prevent damage to the mangoes in transit. The amazing flavor of the mangoes is maintained in all its richness till the point of consumption.

Badami Mango

These Badami mangoes are also sweet in taste and can be consumed raw as well as can also be used for making mango shakes. This mango retains its freshness till longer durations and also tastes best when cooled.