Fresh Export Quality Fruits from Agroally India

Fresh Export Quality Fruits from Agroally India

India, rich in cultural heritage and resources stay top in the production of fruits and vegetables in the global market. The diverse climate is the main reason for the immense cultivation of wide variety of fruits and veggies.

Fresh Export Quality Fruits from Agroally India


Fresh Fruits are organically grown fruits which are supplied to clients within the specified time-period. These Indian fresh fruits are well-known for their rich color and extraordinary taste which are well-preserved in the spacious warehouse facility amidst dust-proof and insect-proof surroundings. These fruits are directly harvested from farm and then is graded and packed under the supervision of agro experts at our warehouse, we deliver these products in refer container via ship or air depending upon the requirement of our clients. However, caution is undertaken to keep the moisture level minimum so that these fruits do not get rotten.

We at Agroally exporters and suppliers of these products offer a wide array of Indian fresh fruits such as kesar mangoes, red apples, Indian fresh green grapes, and many more vegetables. The other offered products are Onions, Color Capsicum, turmeric, herbal leaves, groundnut oil to list a few. Fresh Fruits are packed hygienically in various packaging materials to retain their freshness and taste. The specialty of these products is fresh, juicy, properly packed and offered at competitive price.

Though India’s share in the global market is still nearly 1% only, there is increasing acceptance of horticulture produce from the country. This has occurred due to concurrent developments in the areas of state-of-the-art cold chain infrastructure and quality assurance measures. Apart from large investment pumped in by the private sector, public sector has also taken initiatives and with APEDA’s assistance several Centers for Perishable Cargoes and integrated post harvest handling facilities have been set up in the country. Capacity building initiatives at the farmers, processors and exporters’ levels has also contributed towards this effort.